Privacy Policy assumes a major credit risk for each and every Client because it offers a bill-through service for sponsored listings. As a result, it is always the Client’s responsibility to keep a current, active payment method on file. reserves the right to instantly and temporarily shut down the website, pay-per-click advertisements, sponsored listings, and continuing or then-current production, reporting, or support Services being given to the account
if the client’s payment method is unavailable for any reason. reserves the right to terminate the Agreement
in full if the payment is not made and to maintain ownership of the website or other Services up until the time the account is
fully paid.All terminations of term commitments will result in an increase in all fees due under the terms of the contract. To
avoid this, many clients keep a variety of payment methods on file. Warranties and Representations 

(i) Client has sufficient authority to enter into the Agreement;
(ii) Client is a business, not a consumer, and that Client’s use of
services is solely for lawful commercial and business purposes;
(iii) Client has the necessary rights to provide all information provided under the Agreement for use as
described in the Agreement.