Digital Marketing For Doctors in India: A Step By Step Guide

Is digital marketing for doctors in India, really necessary?

In the current healthcare market, one of the biggest problems facing doctors and physicians is finding new patients.

Even while doctors, hospitals, and clinics spend millions of dollars erecting opulent facilities and cutting-edge machinery to provide the greatest care possible for their patients, there are still not enough queries.

So until now, most doctors, including you, have relied mostly on word-of-mouth marketing to attract patients or visitors. However, as you are well aware, this is not a sufficient means of offsetting your clinical expenses.

The good news from the industry is that a lot of doctors and healthcare organizations have started utilizing state-of-the-art digital marketing technologies not only to increase market awareness but also to build strong brand trust and ultimately take the lead in revenue creation.

Furthermore, a lot of businesses discuss conducting digital marketing for Indian doctors, but very few of these digital agencies have a focus on the medical industry.

However, it is also true that, according to Patient Gain, just 4.3% of physicians use digital marketing techniques to advertise themselves; the remaining physicians rely on more conventional approaches or outside digital marketing firms.

This indicates that there is a sizable market that is still unexplored.

Patients are often unaware of the existence of many excellent physicians in the community.

Therefore, in order to increase your branding, exposure, and revenue as a doctor, you must be present on the platforms that your target patients use.

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These are 7 digital marketing techniques and tricks that doctors in India can use to boost their revenue.

🚀 1. Website

In 2024, every medical professional will need a website.

These days, a website essentially serves as an online business card. For doctors and medical professionals, this is the most crucial aspect of their personal brand.

Any information about you that patients desire to access should be easily navigable on the internet.

The good news is that anyone can now create a website without knowing any code in less than a week, thanks to the rise of online content management systems like WordPress.

You can consult cost effective website development agencies focused on healthcare industries.

🚀 2. Use social media

Building a brand may be done more easily and affordably with social media.

For doctors, it is the simplest method for personal branding.

Many people spend a great deal of time on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where doctors can readily connect and even gain referrals from other patients.

Patients can also be informed about all clinic-related updates via social media sharing.

An infographics archive conducted a survey and discovered that about 60% of social media users are more likely to believe messages from doctors than from other users.

🚀 3. Video

YouTube is an essential resource for digital marketing for doctors in india. Since YouTube is the nation’s most visited channel. These days, audiovisual content is preferred by audiences than written text content.

Physicians ought to post entertaining and educational movies on websites like YouTube for their patients.

It will assist you in building a solid reputation and adding value to yourself in the marketplace.

🚀 4. Paid ads

digital marketing for doctors in India

In order to reach a larger audience, doctors should run sponsored advertisements for their services on websites like Google and Facebook.

The best thing about Facebook and Google Ads is that they let you target the right folks and stay away from the broader public.

Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the advertising platform in its entirety before using it for your ad services. 

🚀 5. Blogging

This is a crucial task that physicians can perform.

In order to provide content that their patients can read and share, doctors need to write blogs on a regular basis.

They will greatly benefit from it in terms of establishing their brand. When it comes to doctor and physician brand positioning, blogging works incredibly well.

Physicians can also provide psychological support to individuals in difficult health situations by sharing some of their personal experiences and patient stories.

🚀 6. Local SEO

Local seo is the most powerful technique to implement digital marketing for doctors in india. Most of the patients tend to go to doctors near them.

So it is very important for doctors to do local SEO for their services. So make sure that you have a Google my business page with all your information filled such as an address, contact number, etc.

Once people know about you, they will automatically reach out to you.

🚀 7. Directory listings

Additionally, doctors need to be listed in directories like Sulekha, Just Dial, etc.

They want to take into account medical directories like Health Grades Tec and Practo.

It will be very beneficial for online visibility.


Digital marketing is becoming essential for Indian doctors in this day and age.

However, physicians lead extremely hectic lives, particularly in a nation like India where medical professionals are so scarce.

As a result, they can contract out their marketing to a reputable digital marketing firm that specializes in developing and implementing digital marketing strategies for Indian physicians.

Since doctors carry out God’s work, it is imperative that they continue to perform what they do well.

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